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Zwift How-To: Starting a Training Plan

on April 01, 2022


Zwift’s Training Plans make it easy to meet your fitness goals on your own time. These flexible plans are carefully designed to get you in prime shape for your next event. With 14 cycling plans, 7 running plans, and 1 multisport option to choose from, you’ll be ready for any adventure. It’s like having a coach in your corner, always keeping you on track.

Getting Started

Log in to Zwift. At the Start screen, tap the Training button in the top left corner to open the training window. You will see two tabs — one for general workouts, and a tab for training plans. Each plan has a specific badge, color, and description that provides an overview.

The Plans

Depending on your goal, there are plans for everyone. Choose from a general fitness booster like the FTP Builder or train to run a Half Marathon. There are also event-specific training plans, like the Fondo plans. Want to see what’s inside? Tap VIEW PLAN and scroll to explore.

When you’re ready, click ENROLL to begin! The system is smart and intuitive, serving up your workout whenever you log onto Zwift.

The Particulars

  • All plans start on a Monday. You can sign up any day of the week. You’ll have the option of doing pre-plan workouts beforehand, or just starting fresh on Monday.
  • Check your plan duration. When you select a plan, you may be given options for duration. Keep in mind your target event date, if applicable, and adjust accordingly.
  • Are you a cyclist? Do an FTP test before you start. Make sure your FTP is accurate and up-to-date before beginning your plan. Testing ensures your intervals are on target and tailored to your current level of fitness. The pre-plan workouts include a ramp test to estimate your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and a zone benchmarking test. It’s a good idea to do a ramp test or other FTP test before the start of a new plan. If you think you know your current FTP, the zone benchmarking workout will help you make sure it’s set correctly. Learn more about FTP in this article.
  • Are you a runner? Make sure all your split times are set correctly. If you don’t know your split times, run a mile on Zwift at your fastest pace possible. Zwift will automatically calculate your 5K, 10K, half, and full marathon pace. They will appear in blue, so be sure to accept these values before you begin the plan. You can find them in your in-game profile from the pause menu.

  • Workout window. New scheduled workouts will unlock each week. For cycling plans, if you miss or delay a workout, it will remain unlocked for the rest of the training plan. For running plans, you will have a specific window to complete your workout. Your plan will tell you how long you have to complete each session. When you finish a workout, your plan will slide and adjust your schedule to accommodate and keep you on target. They’re flexible!
  • Recovery. When you take time to recover, you’re letting your muscles repair and your body refuel. That’s when you grow stronger! We recommend allowing at least 24 hours between workouts. For more challenging workouts, you might need 36 to 48 hours of rest. Listen to your body when deciding how long to rest.

Note for runners: If you’re doing a running training plan, there is a required 8-hour rest period between workouts. Check your plan in Zwift or on Zwift Companion to see when your next workout unlocks.

  • Outdoor workouts. You can go outside for your workout and it will count toward your training plan. Take a look at the format of your next session, and then try to do a similar ride outdoors. When you come back, just hit “I did it!” in the bottom right corner of the workout screen. That will let Zwift know you’ve completed it.

  • Keeping you on track. Log into Zwift and today’s workout will appear at the top of the Start screen. If you want to skip it and free ride or join an event, click ‘Clear.’
  • Badges and unlocks. Finish a plan and you’ll earn more than stronger legs. You’ll get a sweet new badge as well. Get through 80% of a plan and you’ll unlock some snazzy new socks as a reward!
  • Doing your first workout. Get the basics in this article, and take it to the next level by training with Zwift Companion, the mobile app used to view upcoming events, get workout mode, and more.
  • Get mobile reminders. Download the free Zwift Companion App to see your full training plan in one place.

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Ready to begin?

From the Start screen, click TRAINING > PLANS to enroll and get going!

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