Getting started is easy

Use the gear you have

If you ride indoors, you may already have all the equipment you need for Zwift. Simply put your road, mountain, or tri bike on a trainer or rollers, and pair it up with a speed or power sensor. Zwift supports most models and equipment.

Setup tips and tutorials
Quick and simple videos to help you get set up, check gear compatibility, troubleshoot, and more.

Try Zwift for 7 days

Try out the routes and worlds of Zwift for free. See why Zwift is a game-changer for training. No credit card required, no strings attached.

Choose a trainer that fits your needs. From a wheel-on to a premium smart bike, your journey on Zwift starts here.
Wheel-On Trainers
A solid entry-point into Zwift training, ideal for riders on a budget who also want an immersive experience.
Direct Drive Trainers
A smooth and high-end experience that brings the roads and climbs of Zwift to life.
Smart Bikes
A dedicated and versatile Zwifting machine designed to fit every rider.