Get the best zwift experience
All you need to start Zwifting is one of the stationary trainers above, plus your bike and a playback device. If you want to make Zwift fully immersive, adding a heart rate monitor, a steering block, or an grade simulator to your setup will give you the most realistic and heart-pumping experience available in-game.

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Elite Sterzo Smart Steering Block
iOmount Convert

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7-Day free trial begins on your first ride, then $14.99/mo plus tax.

No commitments—pause or cancel at any time.
Get fit when you have the time
Zwift has plenty of workouts and training plans that fit both your fitness goals and your schedule.
Connect with friends, meet new friends from around the world, and ride with the pros. You’ll never feel like you’re riding alone.
Level Up while you ride
Explore virtual worlds to earn badges, unlock new kits & bikes and unlock new roads.