Connecting to Zwift

Pair More Than Two Bluetooth Devices on AppleTV

Zwift Companion lets you pair more than two devices on AppleTV. Using the free app, you can pair your heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, and smart trainer. Follow the directions below to do this. 

  1. Download the latest version of our Zwift Companion app to your smartphone. iPhone users, head to the iOS App Store to download ZC, and Android users can get it at the Google Play Store
  2. Connect your iPhone or Android device to the same WiFi network as your AppleTV. And double-check that Bluetooth is turned on on your device. 
  3. Log into Zwift on AppleTV.
  4. Open the Zwift Companion App on your device. 
    Wait for the background to switch to a blue screen,
    Click "More"
    Click "Device Connections"
    Toggle the slider to turn this feature on. You'll know its active wehn the slider turns blue.
  5. Go to AppleTV and start connecting your devices. 
  6. When you attempt to pair your 3rd device, you will be asked if you want to use Zwift Companion to make the connection.
  7. Click “OK,” and you’re ready to Zwift.