Connecting to Zwift

Pairing Traditional Treadmills

You can run on any treadmill. You just need a device to run Zwift as well as a cadence tracker or smart shoe! Just follow these instructions:

  1. You’re going to need three things: a cadence tracker or smart shoe, treadmill, and device to Zwift. 
  2. First up: footpods. These are also called treadtrackers and cadence trackers. These lightweight devices broadcast your speed,
    distance, and cadence. Zwift displays this data. And the Zwift RunPod is a great, inexpensive option.
    Smart shoes have this technology embedded in them.
    Before you start your Zwift session, make sure your footpod or shoe is good to go. 
  3. As far as treadmills go, Zwift works with all of them. 
  4. Next: devices. Zwift is compatible with many, if not most, devices. You can use an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, or Mac or PC or an
    Android device like a Samsung phone or Google Tablet.
    iPad is the most popular option, but if you want the most immersive experience, a TV is the way to go. Apple TV is a great call. If
    you’re an Android user, you can broadcast any Android device to your TV using Chromecast, which is one of the least expensive
    ways to upgrade your run—-Chromecast units cost about $30. 
  5. Once you’re ready to run, fire up your TV or device. If you’re using an iPad, phone, or other tablet, rest the device on the
    treadmill dash, open Zwift and get ready to pair.
  6. Turn on your treadmill.
  7. On the pairing screen, find your footpod or smart shoe, select, and connect it. Heart rate monitor users, this is where you can
  8. You’re ready to run!