Friday, December 4th
4:00PM GMT
Hattie Harnden: Adventure Stache Podcast ride
Group Ride
Audio: Some users on IOS devices such as Apple TV or iPads have been experiencing technical issues and not being able to hear the audio. We have done some testing and it should work. If using IOS, check that you have the latest game version by going into the app store to force the update. The best way to experience the audio is to firstly plug in some headphones and ideally use a laptop/MacBook/desktop for the best audio playback. Also be sure to turn down in-game sound effects through the settings options.

Join professional mountain biker, Payson McElveen, and guest Hattie Harnden on this weeks episode of the Adventure Stache Podcast. Tune in for an exclusive first listen and Q&A as you ride alongside the Zwift community.

From Dec 1—Feb 9, Payson will be sitting down with a few Trek Factory Racing Athletes for the Zwift Podcast rides where they’ll be talking about racing, adventures and the challenges they’ve faced in 2020. The guests will be joining each Zwift ride—allowing you to connect with them while listening to the podcast playing in-game.

GUEST - Hattie Harnden
Eighteen-year-old Hattie Harnden, a rising star in the world of off-road cycling, joins the Trek Factory Racing enduro roster for 2020. Harnden is the newly crowned British cyclocross national champion and holds multiple cross country national titles. She is a talented and multidisciplinary rider who will race the U21 Enduro World Series this year. Harnden lives near to Tracy Moseley in England and transitions to Trek Factory Racing from the T-Mo (Tracy Moseley) Racing team.
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These events will be an Adventure Stache Podcast ride where the podcast audio will be playing in-game, so make sure to turn the volume up! Ride leaders will move along at a social pace, so be sure to stay near the beacon so your messages are seen by the guests.

Introducing the new Trek Supercaliber XC bike as raced by the Trek Factory Racing team. The Supercaliber will be making its first appearance in this ride series and everyone will be assigned this bike for the ride.

There is nothing else like the Trek Supercaliber. This game-changing cross country mountain bike is fast, light, and smooth through the rough stuff. Combining the best of both worlds, the Supercaliber pairs the speed of a hardtail with the comfort of a full suspension bike.

You can spend your Drops in the Zwift Drop Shop to add the Supercaliber to your stable—so you’re ready to take on the dirt whenever you want.

When you listen in and complete the ride, you’ll unlock the super exclusive Adventure Stache Kit.
This kit will also be available to purchase and upon completion of the event, Zwifters will receive a discount, via email, as a thanks for joining the ride.

And finally, a portion of the sales will be donated to the Lowelife Respectable Citizens' Club (LRCC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that focuses on trail work in Southern California’s Angeles National Forest, fostering conservation, sustainability, & community in Los Angeles County. Check out the latest restoration project of the Condor Peak Trail. a new window

Professional mountain biker Payson McElveen sits down with some of the biggest names in sports and adventure to get an inside look at what sets them apart. With no script, the casual conversations are as diverse as the guests, with topics ranging from harrowing tales of survival, to debates on current events, to everyday tips and tricks and everything in between. As Payson travels the world for his two-wheeled day job, you can listen in as he rubs shoulders with and learns from some of the most inspiring athletes, entrepreneurs, and academics as they chase and inspire greatness.

Listen in to unlock the super exclusive Adventure Stache Kit.

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Ride on.