It's time to lay the foundations
for a successful 2023 cycling
season. This season, Zwift is
unveiling new features that
will make your Zwift experience
more personal and help you
smash your fitness goals!
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Your Racing Playground

Zwift’s Scotland map is coming this February! Be a part of cycling history when the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships comes to Zwift on February 18. Join community events to access the new world before the UCI racing commences, to catch all the Scottish-inspired scenery and the virtual Glasgow architecture.



Zwift is helping you quickly find the right ride to do right now. With a dedicated row on the homescreen, Zwift will soon help you discover content that you'll love!


Personal Leaderboard

The Zwift Companion app is about to get a significant upgrade—a personal leaderboard. Here you’ll be able to see your time on every Zwift segment, challenge yourself to beat your previous performances, and track your progress. In the future, you will see your time compared to your friends and fellow Zwifters.

Voice Chat With Discord

Zwift is elevating your club ride experience by making it easy to connect with other Zwifters via Discord: The leading platform for voice chat and messaging. Clubs can now seamlessly integrate Discord links via the Zwift Companion app to improve communications.


Time-crunched Zwifters rejoice! Zwift has recently doubled the number of under 30-minute workouts available on demand, making it easy to squeeze in a workout when time isn’t on your side.


Join a Zwifter is back! You can now easily join your friends who are riding or running on Zwift. Whether it’s your usual ride crew, a pro, or a celebrity, joining them is just a click away.


HoloReplay is one of the most fun features
on Zwift, and it just got even better. You can
still race your own personal record in real-
time, but now you can replay routes as
well as segments.


Big Rides and Bigger Competition

  • Rapha Festive 500 | December

    Challenge yourself by riding 500 km between December 24 and December 31, logging your rides on Strava. Complete any Rapha Festive 500 event on Zwift and the in-game Rapha Festive 500 kit is all yours.

  • Tour de Zwift | January

    Roll into the new year with one of Zwift’s largest events, Tour de Zwift. Join the tour's eight stages, and you'll explore all the rollers, climbs, flats, mountains, and gravel Zwift offers. Pick up the IRL kit from Pedal Mafia and match your avatar.

  • Zwift Racing League Season 3 | January

    Zwift’s marquee team-based racing league will return for round three on January 10. The top Zwifters from Zwift Racing League (ZRL) will then be invited to compete in the ZRL Championships in early March.

  • Scotland Recon | February

    While the Scotland world will feature this year’s UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, it’s also for all Zwifters to enjoy. There will be events for all paces, whether you like to take in the scenery or have a need for speed.

  • 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships | February

    The UCI Cycling Esports World Championships return on February 18 with an exciting new format. Watch the world's best men and women compete for the coveted UCI rainbow jersey.


For You is a new row on the Zwift homescreen that will contain a personalized collection of experiences that we believe matches the way you prefer to Zwift – RoboPacer groups at your speed, suggested workouts and routes, events you’ve signed up for, and joining Zwifters you follow.

Initially, you will see your current time on the segment compared to previous efforts. In the future, you may be able to see other kinds of data.

Yes, Join a Zwifter will remain a feature of Zwift going forward.

Zwifters are clever and have been finding ways to integrate Discord links in order to enable easy voice chat for years.We hope that by integrating Discord links directly into clubs, club members will be able to chat more easily while riding.

We created the Scotland map in conjunction with the UCI Cycling World Championships, to be held in Glasgow. In 2023, the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, will be held on our Scotland map, making 2023 the first year that the World Championships for nearly all cycling disciplines will take place in the same environments. The new map is based on Scotland and also includes features that will allow it to host the most dynamic virtual racing that’s ever been held on Zwift.

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