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Thursday, November 24th
5:30PM GMT
USMES Hawaii 🍍 Torturefest 100K Sub 2hours
Group Ride
🍗🦃🍗🦃🍗🦃A Thanksgiving USMES Hawaii 🍍Torturefest Special 100K sub 2 hours 🍗🦃🍗🦃🍗🦃

Its all Kial Jackson's fault, he came up with the horrible idea and we said sure lets do it, it fits right into our mentality….. PAIN = GAINS.

Think Nike and the sub 2 hour marathon project, perfect conditions / use of all technology regardless of legality.
Venue Makuri Islands Sprinter Playground 4 banners per lap
Powerups locked down to Aero, we'll be having rolling aero powerup on a rolling front of the pack.
Get on the front dump your power up, do your pull and rest.
Bike Locked down to Specialised Venge S-Works
Wheels locked down to DTSwiss ARC 1100 DICUT DISC
We need the numbers, if you can only hang for a while come help.
The 🍍 crew will be holding the pace, we'll have the a 5 second fence on to keep the blob.
No sprinting at the Banners please, this is a team attempt no prizes for being a solo sprinter, just abuse from me.
So turn up bring ya watts and banter and lets have some fun and crack 2 hours.
If you crack park up and take a breather, have a beer and wait for the blob to come back around, crank up your speed to 31mph/50kmph and rejoin and help out again.
Distance is 100K, so we will build out the gate quickly, no sprinting out the gate the faster we blob the faster we go.
US riders its Turkey day, come suffer, and then eat and drink as much as you can guilt free
UK / Euro riders come suffer and although this is not a holiday I encourage you eat and drink as much as you can guilt free.
USMES Hawaii 🍍 Torturefest 100K Sub 2hours (E)
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