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Thursday, November 24th
6:15PM GMT
Liv Velocity Social Ride
Group Ride
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Join us for a ladies-only social ride to meet other enthusiastic female cyclists around the globe.
To relax or to improve yourself. To have a nice chat, a laugh and to get inspired. First time group riders are very welcomed!

1 Ride 2 Groups

Because we like to welcome all ladies and speed-levels, we came up with a concept:
We will ride with 2 speed-groups in 1 Liv Velocity Social Ride .

Yellow beacon-group 1.7~2.0 w/kg
Red Beacon-group 1.5~1.7 w/kg

The first 10 min we will start easy to form a dense group.
After those 10 min the Yellow ride lead will keep to 1.7-2.0 w/kg. And the Red ride lead will keep to 1.5-1.7w/kg.
Sometimes the leads will challenge you.
Regrouping after is key to ensure the group remains nice and dense. Because we just love big blobs (and the awesome draft it creates ;-) )!

When you are hurting at the back of the Yellow Beacon-group, join the Red Beacon-group!

After the Liv Velocity Social Ride you will unlock our beautiful Liv Racing Xstra kit #jerseyunlock

Riders will be assigned the Liv Langma SL Advanced Disk when joining the pen.
The Liv Langma is a feather-light racing bike delivering speed and strength for any climb, race or ride.

We look forward to ride with you.

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