Saturday, December 24th
1:00PM GMT
GreshFit: Volcano Circuit badge collector
Group Ride
We will ride the first 5 laps at 1.8 w/kg. Remainder is at your own pace. a new window

The “Warmed Up” badge is awarded for 5 laps, “Hothead” for 10 laps, and “On Fire!” for 25 laps. Each badge also awards 1000XP, helping you level up faster!

With a lap length of 4 km (2.5 miles), you’ll have to ride a minimum distance of 20.4 km (12.7 miles), 40.9 km (25.4 miles), and 102.2 km (63.5 miles) to get each badge, respectively.

For newer Zwifters looking to level up, the multi-lap achievement is the fastest way to grab a pile of XP whenever you’re ready. Not only will you get all the XP for your distance (20XP per km = 2000XP for 100 km), but you will receive another 4000XP for the three Volcano badges and the 100 Clicks badge. That’s 5500XP, not included any bonuses you may receive each time you ride through the lap arch!

Join us on Zoom for social interaction and some friendly banter.