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Thursday, March 30th
4:45PM GMT
OWL Grandmaster Championship Series :: Stage 3 :: Elimination Race
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
It all comes down to an all out elimination race in Scotland!

The Grandmaster podium places in each age category have been awarded. Now it’s time to race for the OWL Grandmaster Crown!

This race is only open to GRANDMASTERS. You must be UCI age 60 or older to compete!

• For race rules, visit a new window
• Because this is an elimination race, you must request to Join our Discord server a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Rider eliminations will be announced through our VOICE channel on discord.

The Elimination race takes place on the 23.67km The Muckle Yin, with 282.3m of climbing. This course has a 200m lead-in to the banner, followed by 8 more banners throughout the race. Riders are eliminated every time the pack goes through a banner, until the last three riders sprint for the medals with just 1.67km to go. The number of riders eliminated at each banner will be determined based on the total number of women racing.

After both zones have raced, podiums will be awarded based on fastest times. One woman will be crowned OWL Grandmaster!

Sign-in to Pen E. The race will be a mass start. Your Zwift Categories do not matter – this is Grandmasters Racing!
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