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Friday, June 9th
12:00AM GMT
USMES Thursday Night Social
Group Ride
Welcome to the USMES Thursday Social Ride. This is 2.5 w/kg (average) ride for one hour. This means the ride pace will be between 2.0 - 2.7w/kg. Remember power will be a little higher on hills and climbs but the overall average for the ride will be in that pace range.

Please follow the ride leaders instructions. A large blob is a happy social blob!! The Fence is live and will be used as needed to keep the group together.

There are no assigned sweeps for this ride, however, volunteers and all riders are encouraged to help each other out. Please call out sooner than later, don't wait till your 30 sec back and ask for help.

Courses will change Weekly. We have a discord channel that can be used at; a new window ---> This is available regardless of whether the leader is using it or not.

Everyone is welcome, Please place USMES after your name. Active Duty and Veterans use **USMES8*. #FitforDutyFitforLife
US Military Endurance Sports ZWIFT Riders & Runners - is not affiliated with any US military branch or service, but we do support or military service members, and all international military members and we thank you for your courage and support for you r country!!!

USMES Zwift Riders & Runners club also has a Facebook Page --> a new window
Information on the USMES National Club and team can be found at https://USMES.orgOpens a new window
USMES Thursday Night Social (C)
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