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Friday, June 9th
5:30PM GMT
Het is Koers Weekend Starter !
Group Ride
Het is Koers, the famous Dutch cycling blog presents you, with a variety of social rides and race events to start the weekend on Friday evening.

Between 1st Sunday of October until the last Sunday of March, we will offer you a D-(1.7 - 2.2w/kg) and C (2.3 - 2.8w/kg) category paced social but spicy ride.

All riders are encouraged to keep the bunch together, so we can start and finish as one happy blob. Everybody is welcome as long as you make a positive contribution in making this a good and relaxed start of the weekend.

Please have a nice chat and ride, give your fellow riders a Ride On and share your beers / drinks after the ride on our HIK Facebook Group page.

Between 1st Sunday of April until last Sunday of September HIK schedules the D category rides as a race event (so no lead) on mainly flat routes. On weekly basis you can compete with other D category riders, wanting to race.

The C category rides will continue normally (so with lead) in this period.
Race results will be posted on ZwiftPower!

Check out our weekly ride announcements on the HIK Facebook group site: a new window
Het is Koers Weekend Starter ! (C)
Het is Koers Weekend Starter ! (D)
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