Saturday, January 27th
11:17AM GMT
DiRT Road DWGZ Hot Hundo (100 Miles)
Group Ride
Welcome to DIRT Road DWGZ - Hot Hundo
Everyone is welcome to join the DWGZ crew and build their base/ endurance fitness with the weekly Hot Hundo ride (100 miles/ 161KM).
Please note: The Cat C group will shoot for 2.8-3.0 W/KG average power which is generally a 'toppy' C pace and will result in a 4 hour to 4:10 completion time. The Cat B group will be riding at an average of 3.1-3.4 W/KG and will take roughly 3:45-3:55 hours/ minutes to complete.
Team DIRT is an acronym for Dads Inside Riding Trainers. We are a brotherhood like-minded dads who love to make time for zwift around work and family.

Please join us on Discord at a new window and FaceBook at a new window