Tuesday, February 13th
11:00AM GMT
CRYO-GEN Power Tuesday Group Ride
Group Ride
Power Tuesday. The TGR Ride is a ride that has been organized for the many riders in the Zwift Community who wish to have a paced ride with friends and like-minded members of the community. The ride has been organised as a workout ride and will incorporate intervals.

If you are a stronger rider who has joined the group to possibly support others or to support a friend you can help the group Leader and others by watching the back of the group for any rider struggling to stay with the main group and assist if needed.

These events are held to assist with the attainment of your training goals and will include intervals over and below the ride average parameters. This is not a race so please follow the leader beacon's (Yellow) instructions and if you are feeling strong, please help the sweeper beacon (Red) to assist other riders back to the pack.

The pace will be kept at a manageable level to attempt to have all riders finish together.
We will endeavor to have as many Sweepers as possible to assist any rider who is struggling.

There are no rules apart from enjoy the ride and try not to ride ahead of the group leader.

HEALTH: We would advise any rider who is attempting a Zwift ride for the first time to, ensure that their health should always take precedence over completing any ride. If you feel unwell or unable to continue please STOP
NOTE: Exercise contributes to 25% weight loss; Healthy Eating (Not Diet) contributes to the other 75%. Be fit and Healthy.

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