General Overview

How-To Upgrade Your Zwift Experience

Looking for an overview of the equipment you need to start cycling on Zwift? This video covers the gear basics, as well as additional accessories to level up your experience. 

  1. To ride on Zwift, you need a few pieces of equipment: a trainer, WiFi connection, and device to run Zwift. And, most importantly,
    your bike.
  2. And, in the non-necessary, but nice-to-have category: a fan, towel, and mat to protect your floor.
  3. Be sure to level up your ride with the Zwift Companion app, which acts as a remote control for your ride. The free app makes it
    easy to message other riders, encourage other Zwifters with Ride Ons, use PowerUps, see your performance stats, and more.
  4. There are various trainers on the market that are compatible with Zwift. 
    Let’s start with the basic set-up. Classic trainers are inexpensive but require a speed sensor so your trainer can “speak” with
    Zwift and tell the game how many watts you’re generating. 
    Smart trainers offer a better experience. These trainers, sometimes called “ergos” or “turbos” in other parts of the world, speak
    directly with Zwift, communicating your wattage to the game. 
    Smart trainers also include a mode that mirrors the pitch of the road on Zwift. In other words, they provide more resistance
    when you’re climbing, and less when descending. They simulate grades for a more realistic experience. 
    Smart trainers also make workouts on Zwift effective and efficient with ERG mode. In this mode, resistance stays consistent so
    you can focus on your cadence and power during intervals, and not on changing gears.
  5. Riders training specifically for hills love the Wahoo KICKR Climb. This device replaces your front wheel, lifting the front end of
    your bike when you’re riding uphill in Zwift. The steeper the road, the higher the front-end, helping you train the muscles you
    need for ascending. 
  6. Many riders also enjoy the Wahoo KICKR Headwind. This smart fan “speaks” directly with most Wahoo trainers and includes an
    airflow pattern that mirrors the shape and position of a cyclist's body. The Headwind also includes different modes that let your
    in-game speed or heart-rate control the fan speed. How cool is that? 
  7. Heart rate monitors are a great way to monitor your pulse while working out. Link yours, so your heart rate appears in the
    heads-up display.  
  8. A cadence sensor is the most accurate way to gauge your RPM. This is great for workouts because many intervals call for a
    specific cadence. 
  9. And earbuds are a must for Zwifters who listen to music while they train or want to hear the sounds of the game. 
  10. If you want a place for extra water bottles, mid-ride snacks, a keyboard, or whatever else you want close while working out, the
    Wahoo Desk is a great addition. Adjustable legs let you fine-tune the height. 
  11. And a large screen TV makes Zwift even more immersive. An AppleTV or Chromecast makes connecting to your big-screen TV
  12. Now it’s time to Zwift!