General Overview

What is Zwift - Ride

Whether you want to race, get fit fast, or just run or ride, Zwift’s got you covered. Choose from more than 1,000 workouts and training plans, hundreds of daily events, as well as countless miles of road.  

  1. Zwift is an app that makes indoor training fun and delivers serious results. You can train, race, or free ride from your home — no
    matter what time it is. No matter what the weather is doing. Crunched for time? Zwift delivers a fun and efficient workout. 
  2. To ride on Zwift, you need a bike, a trainer, and a device like a laptop, iPad, AppleTV, or smartphone. If you’re running, you’ll
    need a treadmill, your favorite sneakers, and a footpod.
  3. No matter what sort of ride or run you’re looking for, Zwift has you covered. Want a structured workout? We’ve got plenty. Some
    are as short as 30 minutes long, so even time-crunched athletes can sneak in a sweat. Want to chase down a goal? Try a
    customized training plan created by World-class Coaches. Our training plans even auto-adjust if life gets in the way, and you
    miss a workout.  If you just want to ride, you can do that too. For longer rides, there are Gran Fondos, multi-stage tours, and
    more. Want to race? There are competitions at all hours for all abilities. No need to pin on a number or pay an entry fee.
  4. Community: Day or night, there are fellow athletes on Zwift, getting after it. Share a Ride On, hop on a wheel, take a pull, or see
    how your sprint compares. 
  5. Run! Sure we said it before, but we’ll say it again. Zwift isn’t just cycling. Zwift Run has training plans, group runs, and more.