Connecting to Zwift

RunPod Set-Up

Want to run on Zwift? Just grab a Zwift RunPod and you’ll be off and Zwifting in no time. Follow these instructions to learn how to set up your RunPod. 

  1. First, install the battery. To do this, hold the base of the RunPod with one hand and
    the sensor portion with your other hand. Turn the sensor counter-clockwise to unlock
    it and remove the base from the sensor. 
  2. Turn the sensor upside down. Use a coin or screwdriver to remove the battery cover
    by turning it counter-clockwise. Remove the old battery if necessary. Before you
    install the new battery, take a close look at the code on the bottom of the battery
    compartment. These characters will help you identify the Zwift RunPod when you pair
    it to Zwift.
  3. Place the new battery in with the plus symbol facing up. Use a coin or screwdriver to
    tighten the cover by turning it clockwise. 
  4. Next, attach the Zwift RunPod to your shoe. Find a point where your laces cross about
    3/4 of the way down your shoe towards your toes.
  5. Place the base of the RunPod under your laces in this spot.
  6. Place the sensor over your laces in this spot and re-thread it onto the base in a
    clockwise direction until it clicks. This click is REALLY important. 
  7. Make sure the RunPod is oriented correctly. The Z should be right side up. 
  8. Although it doesn't matter which foot you place the Zwift RunPod on, we recommend
    keeping it on the same side for the life of your shoes.
  9. You’re ready to run!