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Get to Know the Brands Behind the Best Supported Amateur Tri Team

on January 31, 2019

The right partners make all the difference when you’re fighting for the podium.

A triathlon team’s success goes beyond the athletes. Having next-level endurance, physical fitness, and resolve gets you to the start line. Winning takes a little bit more.

The Zwift Academy Tri Team wants the best for its athletes. Which is why we’re excited to announce two tri veterans Tim Don and Sarah True – as our 2019 mentors! Not to mention the top-tier partners providing the support and equipment needed to give our team the edge.

From Specialized covering bike needs to Roka taking care of swim gear and apparel, our athletes will be rocking first-rate gear. Our friends at Wahoo will provide the best KICKR products for a dream-come-true pain cave. And Science in Sport will keep the team fueled to perform their best.

Learn more about each partner and what they’re bringing to the table below.

Specialized is back as the title partner of the Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team, and they’re pulling out all the stops. Testing in the famed Win Tunnel? Check. Dialing in that perfect fit using the Retül Fit program? Check. A head-to-toe aero package of S-Works shoes, helmets, and kits? Yeah, that’s a check — three of them! Oh, and did we mention the brand new Specialized Shiv Disc?

“We’re stoked to be back for the second year of the Specialized Zwift Academy,” says Mark Cote, Head of Global Marketing and Innovation at Specialized. “Last year was exciting, from aero testing the team here in Morgan Hill to seeing them at the launch of our new Shiv at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. This year, with a bigger team, we’ll improve the performance of even more riders.”

Combine the best iron-distance bike with Retül Bike Fit and Win Tunnel testing, and you’ll be riding one of the greatest weapons on the road. The Retül Fit Program analyzes data to dial in the ideal bike fit. Increased comfort. Injury prevention. All thanks to Retül. The Specialized Win Tunnel is the world's only cycling-specific wind tunnel optimized for real bike speeds and large enough to test multiple situations. Your perfect race day setup is within reach.

Beyond equipment, the team at Specialized hopes to create an environment where “athletes are excited to help mentor others.”

Wahooligans rejoice! Wahoo is returning to the Zwift Academy Tri Team to ensure its athletes have all the training tools they need to be in optimal shape by race day. We’re talking a full KICKR Power Trainer ecosystem the award-winning KICKR smart trainer, a KICKR CLIMB Grade simulator, and a KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan. Your pain cave is about to get a serious upgrade.

“Achieving greatness is not for the faint of heart,” says Wahoo’s VP of Global Marketing, Colin Eustace. “It requires determination and focus while juggling everything else life throws at us.”

To that end, Wahoo will also be outfitting the team with ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computers and TICKR Heart Rate monitors to help them get the most out of every training session. Whether you’re riding indoors or out, the Wahoo Elemnt Bike Computer line has your workout covered, giving you quick tools to see your performance, chase the next segment, and take workouts with you wherever you go.

To be the first person out of the water with no one in front of you as you hit the bike course that’s the dream. And with Roka supporting the Zwift Academy Tri Team, the dream is one step closer to reality.

Ryan Dolan, VP of Sales & Partnerships has made it Roka’s personal “mission to provide the best wetsuits, technical apparel, and performance eyewear on the planet.”

From the latest designs in goggles to their ARMS-UP™ wetsuits and speedsuits, you’ll have no excuse not to fly through the water. The team will also spend the season wearing custom Elite Aero Tri Suits, ensuring the athletes will have the perfect balance of aerodynamics, race day functionality, and comfort. And with the R1 Goggles and Ultralight Performance line of sunglasses, they’ll never lose sight of the podium.

New to the team in 2019 are our friends over at Science in Sport (SiS), and we couldn’t be more excited. SiS have been pushing the boundaries of nutrition to ensure athletes everywhere are excelling since 1992.

The Zwift Academy Tri Team will not only be stocked with SiS training and racing products, but they’ll also get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work directly with a world-class team of sports nutritionists at SiS.

“We’ll get fundamentals in place across core need-states of energy, hydration, and recovery,” says SiS Managing Director Ashley Read. “Each athlete will have their own personal approach based on experience, and we’ll work Science in Sport products into that regime.”


Applications for the 2019 Specialized Zwift Academy are now open. Entrants must be at or above Level 12 (cycling) and Level 3 (running) on Zwift.

Still have questions about the team and how to be selected? Head to our FAQ page.

To review the program rules, see our Terms & Conditions.


During the application period, Zwift will be hosting a series of TT Cycling Races and 5K Running Races, giving you a chance to see how you stack up against the competition. Plus, you never know which pros might drop into your event. After all, many of the world’s top triathletes use Zwift to train and stay at the top of their game.

To learn more about the Zwift Academy Tri Race Series, visit our Event Series Page.