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Zwift How-to: Talk to other Zwifters

on February 25, 2019

Indoor training can be social, even while you ride or run in the comfort of your own home with Zwift. You can make friends with other Zwifters, encourage people who are working hard, chat with people you know, or make a plan for a race. So how do you start talking?

Messaging on Zwift for PC/Mac

While you are in Zwift, press the letter “m” on your keyboard to open a message dialog. Type your message and press “Enter” or click “Send.” Zwifters who are within about 500 meters of you will see the message in a white chat bubble.

Messaging on Zwift for iOS

If you are running Zwift on an iOS mobile device, tap the screen to bring up the action bar, then tap the chat box shape with three dots inside. You will then see a prompt where you can type your message.

Messaging with Zwift Companion

Many Zwifters prefer to send messages via the Zwift Companion mobile app since it is optimized for easy messaging:

  • Your phone is often easier to reach than a keyboard
  • Private messaging is only possible via Companion
  • Companion keeps a log of messages sent and received during your session

To send a public message using the Zwift Companion mobile app, once you are running Zwift and the app has connected, tap “Messages” at the bottom of your device screen. There, you can see a log of messages that have been sent by nearby Zwifters and type one of your own.

If it’s too hard to type when you’re working out, your phone’s keyboard may have a microphone button. Tap it to dictate a message that gets turned into text.

Sending Private Messages Using Companion

Zwift also lets you send private messages when you want to talk to just one person. You can only send a private message using the Zwift Companion mobile app. Find and tap their name in the list of nearby Zwifters in the app, or search for their name if you can’t find them. You will see the option to send that person a message if they are currently active in Zwift.

When you receive a private message, the chat bubble in-game will have an orange background. Also, a tab will open within the Companion “Messages” screen showing a message history with that person.

A little friendly banter can be fun, but as always, please be respectful to other Zwifters. Happy chatting!


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