Tuesday, April 4th
6:30PM GMT
TBR's "Shut Up Legs" iTT
Time Trial
Cet événement est soumis aux conditions suivantes :
category enforcement iconCatégorie imposée.
Rendez-vous sur www.support.zwift.com pour obtenir plus d'informations sur les règles de compétition.
Welcome to the TBR iTT.

The iTT is the only place where it’s all about you and your machine Vs, well, you really……you have no idea who anyone else is!

So push hard and feel the road…..actually don’t try and feel the road - No.1, you’ll fall off, and No.2, it’s virtual….

Ok, just go as hard as you can until your legs scream, then push a bit more!

Challenge yourself, get stronger, no pressure! Find out if Aero is fastest, Tron it, or Safety bike – no assigned bikes here!

Category Enforcement is in play, this means that you can race in a category with riders of similar ability for these events or challenge yourself and punch above your weight!

Please note, for your results to show up in Zwift Power you must be using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, smart bike, or using a power meter.
TBR's "Shut Up Legs" iTT (A) - Race Results
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