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Sunday, May 7th
6:30PM GMT
Rhino crash chase race
Cet événement est soumis aux conditions suivantes :
category enforcement iconCatégorie imposée.
power meter required iconWattmètre requis.
Rendez-vous sur pour obtenir plus d'informations sur les règles de compétition.
Rhino Racing welcomes you to The Rhino crash!

Each Sunday we put our differences aside and join up with the rest of our Category - the aim is to stay away/catch the opposing Cats before we reach the finish line.
D will start first followed by C, B are next, then not far behind the A’s.
We try and adjust the time gaps and distances each week to ensure a close finish.
You’ll need to work as a team but when it comes to the finish line it’s every man for himself to get that overall victory.

Check Zwift Racers on Facebook each Sunday for more details of the route.

Your best 7 results in the series will contribute to your overall finishing position.

Don’t forget to join us on the Rhino Racing Discord chat - Everyone is welcome. We will attempt to keep everyone informed of the time gaps. .

Category Enforcement is enabled.
Power Meter is required.
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