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Friday, April 10th
5:30AM GMT
Mink Hits 100,000km
Group Ride
Sharron “Mink” Yaxley is an inspiring cyclist known to many through her Zwift ride leadership and cycling adventures blog: www.psyclepaths.comOpens a new window

Today, Mink becomes the first woman to pass the highly exclusive 100,000km milestone on Zwift.

One of only 9 people to do so, Sharron adds this achievement to her 24hour rides and unceasingly supportive leadership. Many Zwifter’s have found their metric century legs in the 101km ride Mink established to encourage participation of riders challenging themselves over longer distances.

Sharron is an inspiration to women in mid-life and men alike, completing and blogging about her adventures IRL through Europe and New Zealand.

Join a large group of grateful Zwifters as we roll through London in celebration of Mink’s enduring achievement.