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Saturday, February 10th
4:00PM GMT
Ride with Heart p/b Project Heart
Group Ride
February marks Heart Month for Americans and Canadians, a time to reflect on the impacts of heart and vascular disease, and practice heart-healthy habits.

In 2021, Project Heart founder Cody McKay was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm, a life-threatening condition, after it was incidentally discovered during a doctors appointment. As a 29-year-old competitive racer, Cody knew little about aneurysms and the risks they posed, but quickly realized the gravity of the situation he was in. In 2022, he underwent open heart surgery to have the aneurysm removed and replaced with a synthetic graft, returning to racing less than six months post-operation.

Join Cody and other individuals who have been impacted by a heart conditions each Saturday at 11am EST, as they ride to raise awareness about heart and vascular disease (ride will average 2-2.5w/kg). Use the chat function to ask Cody questions about his journey, connect with other heart patients, and learn about what heart healthy habits you can adopt into your riding and training. And don't forget to join the Project Heart Community club on Zwift! a new window

We look forward to seeing you there - all are welcome! <3

To learn more, visit: www.project-heart.caOpens a new window and @cardiac_cody on Instagram