Sunday, November 26th
9:05AM GMT
eCKD Christmas Party Stage 1
This event has the following requirements:
category enforcement iconCategory Enforced.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Welcome to stage one of this short series of 4 races held on the last 4 Sundays before christmas. The series will consist of medium length races which we hope you will enjoy.

A few rules:
Best 3 out of 4 races count in overall standings.
The series is category enforced. If you are at the very top of one category, then please consider leveling up. You can not transfer your hard earned points from one category to the next.
In order to participate in the series, you need to have a profile on Zwift Power.

Stage list:
26. nov: The Big Ring, Watopia, 48.9 km, 270 m.
3. dec: Petit Boucle, France, 61 km, 430 m.
10. dec: Park Perimeter Reverse, New York, 49 km, 630 m.
17. dec: The London Pretzel, London, 55.6 km, 531 m.

This series is brought to you by eCKD, eCykle Klub Danmark(eCycling Club Denmark). eCKD is the first Esports Cycling club under the danish cycling federation(DCU), and one of the biggest clubs under the federation across all disciplines. For further info (in Danish) please visit https://ecykleklub.dkOpens a new window
eCKD Christmas Party Stage 1 - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg