Thursday, February 22nd
3:30PM GMT
Dusk Patrol Run
Group Ride

Join Utah-based marathon runner Jordan Maddocks who will lead a 70 minute speed session.

Welcome to Dusk Patrol 'YASSO' Edition. This workout we will be doing Repeat Intervals. This is a 70 minute total workout which consists of a 10 min warmup followed by 10 four minute 90-95% effort intervals. After each 4 minute effort you will recover for two minutes. The recovery can be either a jog or a fast walk to allow your body to recover and be ready to go again. This workout is setup similar to the famous Yasso workout but modified to work on Zwift in a group setting. Need More Speed? If you're looking for an additional speed workout during the week you're welcome to join us for Tuesday Dusk Patrol which starts at same time (8:30AM MT/10:30AM ET).



I'm a low 2:30's marathoner fighting out of Draper, Utah, USA. I’ve been running for over 15 years. Running is my passion, It's what keeps me centered and where I find solace. I love coaching and assisting others in setting their fitness goals and achieving them. I've been hosting Dusk Patrol on Zwift for over three years. When I'm not training I'm spending time with my momma bear and two cubs. Running has the magical ability to assist others in finding their greatness and I hope I can share that journey with you.