Thursday, July 22nd
6:30PM GMT
Black Celebration Series - Thursday Workouts PM
Group Workout
The Black Celebration Series is all about supporting our Black community. Ride or run with notable athletes, community leaders, and their friends during special events throughout the month of March and beyond.

These rides are designed to test various levels of your cycling fitness with one goal.
Get you fitter. So together let us sweat, grimace and struggle together. Created by @coachwatto.

REMINDER: You can always adjust the FTP bias via the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the Zwift Companion app. Once you get over threshold, using a %FTP for workout prescription can get murky, so always adjust as needed

Show your support to the other riders and give plenty of Ride Ons during the event, this will also accelerate the earning of drops for your teammates.

No matter where in the world you are, let’s ride together as members of the Zwift community. RIDE ON!

Ride Route:
1 hour long
Paris - Champs-Élysées

Black Celebration Series - Thursday Workouts PM (E) - Race Results
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DauerLückeWattW/kg20 Min.W/kg5 Min.W/kg15 SekW/kg