Wednesday, September 7th
6:00PM GMT
The WCC Wednesday Wobble Group Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the WCC Wednesday Wobble Group Ride. Our pace for this 60 minute ride will be 0.9w/kg to a max of 1.3w/kg.This ride is geared towards beginner riders, brand new Zwifters and those looking for a very gentle recovery ride. On this ride we will NOT chase flyers or encourage segment chasing.

Our goal for each ride is to start and finish as a group with no rider left to finish the route alone or quit out of frustration due to the pace. We will have Sweep team members to ride with you for as long as you wish. Why? Because The Wednesday Wobble Group ride is here to give you the place to build needed skills to reach your goals at a pace you can maintain.

The routes for this ride will be on the flat routes in each world. We may encounter some of the lesser hills but our max pace will not exceed 1.3w/kg

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