Sunday, December 3rd
12:00PM GMT
herD Beginner Racing
Bei diesem Event ist Folgendes erforderlich:
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HerD Beginner Race (HBR) is a category D only event that is intended as an introduction to racing and for Category D riders to compete without other category racers. HBR is a Category Enforced event and uses sub-categories so riders are in a pen with others of similar ability. The sub-categories are sub-Cat C (2.3 – 2.6 w/kg), sub-Cat D (1.7-2.3 w/kg), and sub-Cat E (less than 1.7 w/kg). Zwift categorization will let you sign up for the category you meet the requirements for or a higher category.

Each week HBR races will have a different focus; racing on a flat route, undulating, small climbs, and a route that is commonly used in many Zwift racing events. In addition, the last race of the month will be Tick-Tock so that you can monitor your performance.
herD Beginner Racing (C) - Race Results
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