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Wednesday, June 7th
4:00PM GMT
Mountain Massif: Structured Training - Aerobic Stretch
Group Workout
Cet événement est soumis aux conditions suivantes :
power meter required iconWattmètre requis.
heart rate monitor required iconCardiofréquencemètre requis.
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Created by Matt Rowe, from “Rowe & King,” this structured training session is designed to help improve your aerobic fitness. Cycling is an endurance sport, so you need to spend time focusing on developing your aerobic capabilities. Discipline is key, so you don’t go too hard!
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About the session:
Progressive warm up, then in to 3 blocks of ramped efforts - 75-92% of FTP across 12 minutes.
The first two ramps, ramp up, whilst the final ramps regressive and ramps down.
3 Minutes recovery between blocks.
Warm down.

Aerobic Stretch (75-92%) session details:
1. Ramp up in 7 steps
1 min @ 40% FTP
Zone 1
1 min @ 50% FTP
Zone 1
1 min @ 60% FTP
Zone 2
1 min @ 70% FTP
Zone 2
1 min @ 80% FTP
Zone 3
1 min @ 90% FTP
Zone 3
1 min @ 100% FTP
Zone 4

2. Recovery
2 min @ 40% FTP
Zone 1

3. Ramp up in 12 steps
12 x 1-minute

4. Recovery
3 min @ 40% FTP
Zone 1

5. Ramp up in 12 steps
12 x 1-minute

6. Recovery
3 min @ 40% FTP
Zone 1

7. Ramp down in 12 steps
12 x 1-minute

8. Cool Down
3 min @ 40% FTP
Zone 1

Safety Note:
Only undertake vigorous exercise if you are fit and healthy to do so. If you are at all unsure, consult a Physician or Doctor first.

All training equipment including Bikes and Turbo trainers should be in full working order. Do not use any piece of equipment that does not come up to the required standard.
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