Thursday, April 25th
9:30PM GMT
Mt. Fuji Dojo Series Morining Workout Asa-Geiko
Group Workout

月初にはタイムトライアルやRamp Testでパフォーマンスをチェックします。3月は基礎トレーニングに重点を置き、4月から5月にかけては徐々にヒルクライムに特化したワークアウトに移行し、本番に向けて無理なくピークを迎えることができます。ワークアウトは週替りで様々なワークアウトにチャレンジしていきます。毎週2つのワークアウトを用意していますので、最後まで飽きることなくパフォーマンスをアップしていくことが可能です。

さらに、今年からは毎朝6:30から「富士ヒル道場 朝稽古」を開催します。短時間のワークアウトとリカバリーを組み合わせた内容で、自転車に乗る習慣を身につけると同時に、早朝からのレースに向けて体内時計を調整することができます。


A and B Category:日本語テキスト
C and D Category:English (Workout instruction remains original)

The training series for the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb, scheduled for June 2nd, is starting. This series offers an optimal three-month plan for everyone from veteran riders aiming to improve their times to those attempting Fuji Hill for the first time. It can also be beneficial for those not participating in the Fuji Hill climb but who wish to enhance their hill climb performance.

At the beginning of each month, performance will be checked through time trials and Ramp Tests. March will focus on foundational training, with a gradual transition to hill climb-specific workouts from April to May, allowing participants to peak without strain for the actual event. The workouts will vary weekly, providing two different workouts each week, ensuring sustained interest and performance improvement throughout the series.

Additionally, starting this year, "Fuji Hill Dojo Asa-Geiko" will be held every morning from 6:30. The sessions combine short workouts with recovery, helping participants develop a habit of cycling while also adjusting their body clocks for early morning races.

In May, aside from the regular workouts, a series of races is also planned, providing an excellent opportunity to test your legs.

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