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Monday, February 20th
12:05AM GMT
Ride Scotland: Route 4: Loch Loop with The Herd
Group Ride
Welcome to Scotland, the home of the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championship! Even if you’re not competing for the rainbow stripes, you can still experience all the excitement of Zwift’s racing playground. Learn more at a new window.

Prepare to get aero! This lappable 5-mile course is perfect for individual time trials, team time trials, and a great group ride! Featuring most of the roads from the Rolling Highlands route, you can expect short and intense efforts over the small climbs to keep every lap interesting.

Unlock: Scotland Kit
Route: Loch Loop
Duration: 45 mins
Lap Distance: 8.0 km / 5.0 mi
Lap Elevation: 71m climbing
Ride Scotland: Route 4: Loch Loop with The Herd (E)
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