Saturday, August 4th
2:05PM GMT
ZHR Clydesdale Race
Fed up of racing against lightweight riders who fly away from you, no matter how strong you are? Feel like there’s no point joining a race that isn’t pan-flat? The weight-based Clydesdale (for female athletes, it’s known as Athena) division in racing is relatively new in triathlon and running, and ZHR is bringing it to you on Zwift.

There are four groups, based on gender and weight, so please make sure you select the correct group when you log in:

Group A - Athena riders 68Kg or over
Group B - Clydesdale riders 84Kg or over
Group C - Clydesdale riders 90Kg or over
Group D - Clydesdale riders 100Kg or over

Power-ups are allowed
You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other:
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ZHR Clydesdale Race - Race Results
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