Saturday, June 20th
10:00AM GMT
Ride For #KaiFight77
Group Ride
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ライドリーダー:榊原爽 / Saya Sakakibara (BMX Racing/AUS)
参加ライダー:畠山紗英 / Sae Hatakeyama(BMX Racing/JPN)、Niek Kimmann(BMX Racing/NLD )、山本幸平 / Kohei Yamamoto(MTB XC/JPN)、永田隼也 / Junya Nagata(MTB DH/JPN)、Kirsten Wild(Track/NLD)、渡部暁斗 / Akito Watabe (SKI/JPN)

榊原魁のリハビリはこちらからご支援頂けます。 a new window

A charity ride is being organised in support of BMX Elite Athlete Kai Sakakibara who crashed heavily in February 2020 sustaining a traumatic brain injury.
The charity ride will be led by Kai’s sister Saya Sakakibara. It will be 77 mins in length to reflect Kai’s permanent race number #77.
Many of Kai’s friends from the BMX, Mountain Bike and Cycling disciplines along with other sporting athletes, including professional skiers, will be participating to help Kai during his rehabilitation.
We invite other cyclists and athletes to join us in this great initiative.

Ride Leader:Saya Sakakibara (BMX Racing/AUS)
Other riders:Sae Hatakeyama(BMX Racing/JPN)、Niek Kimmann (BMX Racing/NLD )
Kohei Yamamoto (MTB XC/JPN)、Junya Nagata (MTB DH/JPN)、Kirsten Wild(Track/NLD)、Akito Watabe (SKI/JPN)
Note: this is not a race, all entrants should ride at their own pace.

Please send donations to: a new window