Ready for a Challenge?

Ready for a Challenge?

ON January 14, 2021 by Zwift

Everyone trains better with a goal in mind, right? Our challenges give riders something to work toward as they accumulate distance or elevation with each day’s efforts. And there’s always a bonus prize at the end!

Many Zwifters will find they can finish a challenge in 8-12 weeks, but it’s entirely up to you. The important thing is to sign up for the challenge that excites you most, then work steadily to keep building fitness while achieving your goal.

Choose Your Challenge

There are three challenges to choose from:

  • Climb Mt. Everest: climb 8,848 meters // 29,028 feet
  • Ride California: ride 1,283 kilometers // 797 miles
  • Tour Italy (level 10 required): ride 2,000 kilometers // 1,242 miles

Visit the in-game menu to select a challenge. Go ahead and pick the one that motivates you best! You can change your challenge at any time without losing the progress you’ve made.

Climbing the Mountain

You can cover a lot of ground on two wheels, but it’s the hills that turn a ride into an adventure. When you select the “Climb Mt. Everest” challenge, you’re signing up for the only climbing challenge on our list. And it’s no easy feat!

Your goal is to accumulate 8,848 meters of climbing across as many rides as you’d like. That’s more than 8.5 times up Watopia’s Alpe du Zwift, or almost 6 times up France’s Ven-Top! Finish the challenge and you’ll unlock a feather-light Trek frame for your Zwift garage to help you conquer future climbs faster.

Some Zwifters have accomplished this all in one ride – a Herculean effort known as “vEveresting” (read more about it here). But most riders simply select the challenge then work steadily toward the goal as they climb up, up up the hills and mountains of Zwift over the course of several weeks. See you at the top!

Unlocking the Zwift Concept ZI (“Tron”) Bike

Unlike the other challenges, Climb Mt. Everest includes a bonus challenge with a bigger prize for those who keep going once they’ve hit the peak of the mountain.

Climb a total of 50,000 meters and you’ll unlock the coveted Zwift Concept Z1 bike, affectionately known in the Zwift community as the “Tron bike”.

Read all about unlocking the Concept Z1 bike

Riding the Golden State

Cyclists love California for the wide variety of ride options available. From the mountains of Big Bear to the Death Valley desert to the majestic NorCal redwoods and beautiful beaches of Highway 1, there’s something here for everyone.

Zwift is headquartered in Long Beach, California, and the Ride California Challenge begins just south of us, in San Diego. As you “Ride California” by riding in any Zwift map you’ll see the challenge progress through California’s most popular ride destinations including Yosemite, Mt. Whitney, and Sacramento.

The challenge ends at San Francisco, 1283 kilometers from your starting point. Finish the challenge to unlock a solid all-arounder frame: the Tarmac from Morgan Hill, California-based Specialized.

Bike Bella Italia

The longest of our distance challenges, “Tour Italy” takes you on a 2000-kilometer trip up through beautiful, historic Italy beginning in the southwest and ending in the northeast. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to eat more pasta, this challenge is it!

You’ll begin in Sicily then make your way north through famous cities like Bari, Rome, and Florence. When you pass through Treviso near the end of your journey a quick stop at Pinarello headquarters unlocks a fresh bike frame for your Zwift garage. The Pinarello F8 is a winning frame: Chris Froome rode it to victory in the Tour de France not just once but twice!

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up for a personal challenge and keep plugging away until it’s completed. Be sure to take it at your own pace – there’s no hurry. You’ll get there!