on March 15, 2021

Welcome to the Tour of Watopia! This multi-stage journey is like a real-life group run—a giant party where we’ll lace up and hit our strides together. And rack up double XP too.

Running on Zwift is completely free and doesn’t require a subscription, so it’s easier than ever to get in on the action. This post helps you get set for the starting line.

Group Runs

Group runs on Zwift are a great way to meet people and build camaraderie. If you’re brand new to Zwift and need to gear up, watch this How-To video.

Schedule Your Run

From the Tour of Watopia homepage, click into each stage page. You’ll see a description of the stage, the available dates, and the scheduler feature for upcoming events.

Choose the Distance

Each stage in the Tour of Watopia carries a distinct theme, set up like a relay race with each stage end marking the beginning of the next! All stages have two categories that align with the overall theme.

Group runs for Tour of Watopia events will be organized by time and distance. Choose either group, finish your event, and you’ll be credited for that stage.

  • A Group – The longer route.
  • B Group – The shorter route.
  • E Group – The Rookie Run. Same route as the B group, only guided by a Run Leader on-hand to answer questions.

Rookie Runs (Category E) are separate events with their own schedule. For information on when Rookie Run events occur, visit

Get Ready to Take Off

A few things before the fun starts. First, ensure your speed device (footpod or treadmill sensor) is calibrated. This How-To video gets you synced up. If you’ve got a heart monitor, here’s how to pair that device. Next, make sure your treadmill station has enough water, a towel, and that your fan is turned on.

Give yourself 10 minutes before your start time to get a warm-up in. We notify you in-game when your event is about to start, so don’t worry about losing track of time while warming up. Once you join the event and your avatar stands at the starting line, talk to the other runners and see if anyone wants to run your pace.

Interacting with Others

Learn how to chat with friends and rivals and motivate them with a Ride On. Don’t be shy—say hello!

Reading the Heads-Up Display

Zwift’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) includes a lot of information to help you understand your data while you run. Learn all about it in this video.

How Ride Ons Work

While you’re running on Zwift, you might see a big blue thumb over your avatar every now and then. No, you’re not delirious—that’s called a “Ride On,” and it’s how the community encourages each other. Want to send one to fellow runners? Click or tap a person’s username and you’ll see a ‘thumbs-up’ icon beside them. Just hit that and you’re all set! Alternatively, you can send a Ride On in the Zwift Companion app. Once you’re in-game and running, just go to the “Nearby” tab, tap a name in the list, then hit the blue Ride On button.

Read our How-To for more info on giving Ride Ons in game and out.

After the Run

You’ve finished the run and feeling great. Stay on Zwift for a few more minutes and chat up other runners. How’d their run go? When are they running the next stage? Think of Zwift as a giant run club—one of the best parts is connecting during events and building friendships that endure past the Tour.

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