Thursday, June 8th
10:00PM GMT
BMTR Faster Masters Freebird Fundo
Group Ride
The BMTR Faster Masters Freebird Fundo does not have a Ride Leader ("Yellow Beacon"). This is an endurance ride with pace options that will allow for different types of workouts and fun!

Expect an effort of 4.0 w/kg at the front of the peloton. Of course, if you draft well and stay off the front and back, you can save a significant amount of watts.

BMTR Freebirds (flyers) are welcome. As a Freebird, you may break away from the peloton by advising the group prior. When making your split, please be obvious and fast about it; don’t string out the main group with a slow breakaway.

If you cannot sustain the B pace of the peloton, please state you will be dropping off the back. If stated, others may join you.

Another event option is that riders may announce prior to the start, in the starting pen, to remain in the pen longer, giving a head start to the main group. The riders remaining in the pen can then decide how much time advantage they wish to give to the main group before starting themselves with a common goal of working together as a group trying to catch the B group out front.

You can expect several different pace groups to form on this ride. Join us to see which group is right for you.

Hope to see you there!

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