Saturday, March 9th
9:00AM GMT
Zwift Insider Tiny Race (1 of 4)
This event has the following requirements:
category enforcement iconCategory Enforced.
power meter required iconPower Meter required.
heart rate monitor required iconHeart Rate Monitor required.
Visit for more information on race rules.
IMPORTANT: read these notes to perform your best and avoid disqualification!

Each Tiny Race is on a different route and 4-7km long, so they'll each typically take 7-12 minutes to complete. Races are scheduled 15 minutes apart so you can sign up and race all four for a splendid one-hour workout.

This week's routes:
#1: Glasgow Crit Circuit (2 laps - 6.3km)
Powerup: Anvil (4x)
#2: Bell Lap (3 laps - 5.7km)
Powerup: Feather (2x)
#3: Downtown Dolphin (3 laps, 5.7km)
Powerup: Steamroller (2x)
#4: Neokyo Crit Course (1 lap - 4.7km)
Powerup: Aero Boost (2x)

TIP: Visit a new window for details on this week's routes, including custom finish line locations.

You earn points in each race based on your finishing position. The overall winner each week (available on ZwiftPower) is the rider with the most points for the week's 4 races. ZwiftPower league links:
- Zone 1 (9am UTC): a new window
- Zone 2 (3pm UTC): a new window
- Zone 3 (9pm UTC): a new window

4 Races, 4 Rules:
- No skipping then returning. You MUST finish Race 1 of 4. After that, if you skip a race in your set of 4, don't return and race a later one or you'll be DQ from the race(s) you finished after skipping.
- You must have an active ZwiftPower account.
- Heart rate monitors are required.
- Smart trainer or power meter must be paired as your power source in order to join the races.
Zwift Insider Tiny Race (1 of 4) (A) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg