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Friday, March 31st
6:45PM GMT
GGCC GlasgowGreen CC TT
Time Trial
Get on a TT bike and push your limits for the Glasgow Green Cycle Club (GGCC) Time Trial!

- Riders set off individually at set intervals
- Heart rate monitors are recommended, and are required for category podiums in Zwiftpower
- A power meter or smart trainer is required for official results on Zwiftpower

GGCC is a Glasgow based cycling club whose real-life club runs are always organised into four speed groups, and they match the Zwift categories quite well. GGCC also has a good race pedigree and presence in Scotland, and so we have organised the Zwift race series to suit what we believe is relevant to bike riders’ interests in performance and improvement in our Club, in other Glasgow clubs, in Scotland, the UK and now the rest of the World via Zwift.

We also run other races and training rides (often with a mini-race at the end) throughout the week. Find them at a new window

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GGCC GlasgowGreen CC TT (E)
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