Saturday, April 1st
5:00AM GMT
Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 4
Group Ride
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Double-down on the fun with the Tour of Watopia. You'll get fitter as you earn double XP (experience points) during every event, helping you level up faster and score more level-locked caps, shoes, kits, and more.
Finish all five stages to unlock the exclusive Tour of Watopia 2023 kit! You can run each stage as often as you like. It's a great way to keep getting double XP!

Learn more, visit the event page. ( a new window)

Completing stages in the Tour will unlock the Tour of Watopia gear!

● Complete one stage to unlock the Tour de Watopia 2023 Hat
● Complete three stages to unlock the Tour of Watopia 2023 Shoes
● Complete five stages to unlock the Tour of Watopia 2023 Running Shirt & Shorts

Stage 4: Jungle Circuit
Keep your eyes peeled, your safari hat at the ready! No need for bushwacking. Get ready to see lots of wildlife!

World: Watopia
Route: Jungle Circuit
Distance: 5.63 km // 3.5 mi