Wednesday, April 5th
6:05PM GMT
TRI247 Workout Series: Progressive 11's
Group Workout
Name of Event: TRI247 Workout Series: The Sweet Ladder (TO AMEND BELOW)
What is the URL of your event?: a new window
Event Start Date: 2023-04-05
Event Start Time (UTC-7): 19:05
Change Needed: Please can you make the following changes:
1) Amend session to the new zwo file attached
2) Change the name of the session to - TRI247 Workout Series: Progressive 11's
3) Remove the current ride leader, and replace with Gary Craig (login = )
4) Delete the current Event Description text from last week's session, and replace with:

After warming up you will be completing 2 x 11min 'progressive' intervals. Starting out with a comfortable sub-threshold effort, you will finish with a 1min above threshold effort.

Finally the session is completed with a 10min steady threshold effort.

After completing 2 progressive intervals, the final effort should feel relatively comfortable. Let's see if it does!