Wednesday, June 7th
10:05AM GMT
RO4H Wednesday Spin
Group Ride
The RO4H Wednesday Spin is a social group ride where a friendly, casual, supportive, and respectful atmosphere welcomes everyone from the most seasoned Zwifter to the first-time group ride participant. We strive to harness the power of the group draft and embrace the RO4H motto that we are Better Together.

The pace varies depending on terrain and route but will average 18-20 mph/28-32 kph along mostly flat, mostly tarmac surfaced routes; we stay under 2 w/kg on inclines. This is a no-drop ride but any pace is a great effort for some and a recovery pace for others. You should be prepared to meet the average pace. Being a social ride, we don’t chase flyers and this ride is certainly not a race. You speedsters do have a chance to stretch your legs during the optional Speed Deacon Sprint featured on the final lap.

We are proud of our strong sweeper team. Part of the RO4H ride philosophy is that we do not want anyone to ride alone -- unless they choose so. Our sweepers will variably help riders bridge to the peloton or form a second pace group so riders do not ride alone.

So go ahead and join the RO4H Wednesday Spin -- where dad jokes are plentiful and we are better together.

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