Celebrating and Supporting Our Latino/a/x Comunidad

Celebrating and Supporting Our Latino/a/x Comunidad

ON August 25, 2022 by alyssa.henning@zwift.com


At Zwift, we recognize the importance of celebrating and supporting our diverse community both in-game and within our workplace. It’s important that we partner with organizations working to uplift marginalized communities throughout the year, including our Latino/a/x Comunidad.

In 2022 alone, we’ve worked with three Latino/a/x serving nonprofits: Latinas in Tech, Latino Community Foundation, and The Cycle Effect. Our goal has always been to give back to this vibrant community, engage our employees in service, and increase our diverse talent pipeline to Zwift.

Our recent panel with Latinas in Tech (LiT) focused on empowering women in the workplace. It was one of Zwift’s many curated volunteer opportunities throughout the year designed as an opportunity for our employees to give back in a meaningful way.

In conjunction with Latinas in Tech’s São Paulo chapter in Brazil at Zwift’s Rio de Janeiro office, this event helped connect Portuguese-speaking women with networking opportunities and the resources and programs provided by LiT. By hosting its first Portuguese event, LiT hopes to encourage participation from non-Spanish-speaking Latinas across Latin America.

Zwift is also proud to support The Cycle Effect’s mission. The goal is to provide more young women with equal opportunity and access to the sport of mountain biking. Over 70% of the young women supported by The Cycle Effect identify as Latinx or BIPOC.

This year, The Cycle Effect has gotten even more Latinx riders outdoors, including some who recently competed in Steamboat Gravel for the first time.

LCF Lideres Campesinas in Greenfield, California, June 30, 2022.

In addition to empowering women in sport, we’re investing in leaders and organizations that create opportunities for the Latinx community to reach its full potential through the Latino Community Foundation (LCF). The LCF is building a movement of civically engaged leaders, philanthropists, and nonprofits to create an equitable and just home to Zwift’s global headquarters in Southern California.

Through Zwift’s support of the LCF’s Latino Power Fund, LCF was able to engage 20 foundations and donors to raise over $10 million to aid the community.