Thursday, December 5th
12:20AM GMT
Hincapie Sportswear Power Hour
Group Workout

The Hincapie Sportswear Power Hour workouts are power-based and intended to maximize benefit in a 1-hour training session. The workouts in this series are designed to prepare riders for the unique demands of each Gran Fondo Hincapie event.

This session is targeted at your tempo zone which is between 76-90% of your current FTP. The workout will explore 3 different ranges within the tempo zone. The Fort Worth event is mostly flat and will require a steady effort. This workout pushes the pace a little to get you comfortable with these efforts. Total time in tempo zone: 45min.


Nick Mossing – Nick is a USAC Level 3 Coach and is Power Certified by Hunter Allen (the guy who wrote the book on training with a power meter). He uses the framework developed by Hunter and Dr. Andy Coggan to train his athletes. Nick works with cyclists of all levels and specializes in power-based training for time-crunched athletes. Learn more at


This workout is part of the Gran Fondo Hincapie guided training plans available on Training Peaks. We created the Hincapie Sportswear Power Hour series to encourage community and camaraderie through the sport of cycling. We welcome everyone to join us for our weekly Zwift group workouts. Our weekly series will progress in preparation for one of the Gran Fondo Hincapie events held throughout the year. Over the course of the year we will alter our progression to respond to the unique demands of each event. Learn more about Hincapie Sportswear and Gran Fondo events at http://www.hincapie.comOpens a new window


Zwifters line up in the starting area just like a normal event and once the event starts, workout mode begins. Everyone stays together regardless of power output. That's right, if you're outputting 100W and another Zwifter is outputting 400W you will stay in exactly the same position relative to each other. Only if you stop pedaling and fall 6 meters behind the group will the rubber-banding stop. We highly recommend doing one of the FTP tests as the estimated FTP can be inaccurate and make the difficulty level of the workouts too high for your current fitness level. For more info on FTP go to: a new window