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Friday, March 24th
10:50PM GMT
Herd Winter Racing
All riders enter E category. Herd Winter Racing is simple races, short to moderate courses for the most part, no categories, and first across the line wins. Riders of all categories are welcomed, race groups of all different speeds form. It’s very interesting to race without the category boundaries, and interesting to see how often the results don’t go strictly by the category ranking.

In Herd Winter Racing (HWR), your placing in your first race of the weekend race determines how many league points you receive. The winner scores 50 points, 2nd place gets 49 and so on.

You must have either a smart trainer or a power meter in order to be included in the results. Heart Rate Monitors are not compulsory but recommended.

Each week a race, usually the 2nd time slot on Friday, is broadcast on our YouTube channel a new window
For more information please see our Facebook Group: a new window
Herd Winter Racing (E)
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