Thursday, February 22nd
6:30PM GMT
ZLDR Progression Event
Welcome to our ZLDR Progression Event. Today we’re going to do a progression run, which basically starts a run at a slower pace and finishes at a faster pace than you started. So we’ll get progressively faster with each split. Progression runs help us build our endurance base but with less stress on our bodies than a typical interval or tempo run. This can help reduce the risk of injury. Plus it helps break up the monotony in our training.

Progression running also will help teach you smarter pacing, starting conservatively so you don’t burn out too soon. It also will help train your body to get used to pushing harder at the end of a race.

This event will start with a 10 minute warm up followed by 4 x 5 mins splits. The first split will be at 10k pace and each split will be a stair step up at +2%. Finally we will cool down for 10 minutes. So let’s get those shoes laced up and ready to go!

ZLDR is a group of diverse people, from speed demons to walkers, from people just getting to their first 5k to ultra runners. We are here to support your on-foot dreams and help you develop your running/walking skills. We are a collective group of supportive and experienced runners and walkers who want to help you set and achieve new goals!

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