Coach Spotlight: Hunter Allen – Peaks Coaching Group

Coach Spotlight: Hunter Allen – Peaks Coaching Group

ON December 9, 2015 by Zwift

Training with Power

In December 2010, Zwift co-founder Jon Mayfield wrote his first lines of code for what would eventually become Zwift. Having made video games for many years, Jon wanted to take the boring, monotonous routine of indoor training and make it fun. It turns out he not only made it fun but addicting. Since Zwift launched almost two years ago, people from all over the world have logged millions of miles on their indoor trainers and they can’t get enough. For the cyclist looking to take their fitness to the next level, Zwift has added “Workout Mode” which allows riders to choose specific training plans that cater to their individual needs.

Zwift is excited to have partnered with many of the elite cycling coaches in the world who have provided many of the workouts available, including Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching Group. Hunter is widely known as one of the top experts in the world in coaching endurance athletes using power meters. He’s been gracious enough to open his personal library of workouts to the Zwift community. Hunter’s goal has always been to teach athletes how to maximize their training and racing potential through professional analysis of their power data. He firmly believes that power training can add a whole new dimension to your cycling. Hunter’s power training method has built success at all levels of cycling and now it’s available to you through Zwift! Hunter tells us,

“These workouts are based on the power training levels/zones developed by Dr. Andrew R. Coggan and are to help you stay focused precisely in the correct zone, which is the beautiful thing about doing one of my workouts on Zwift. There is purpose, there is reason and there is method behind the madness.”

Hunter’s most dynamic and challenging plan on Zwift is called “Hunter’s Challenge.” This training plan lasts 4 weeks with no rest days. (Although Hunter does mention that one or two days off won’t hurt your progress.)

This plan is designed to improve specific areas of your energy systems by utilizing a mixed bag of workouts including cadence drills, tractor pulls, power pyramids, Threshold/V02 Max and FTP training.

Hunter also excels at creating custom programs designed to maximize each rider’s potential. He believes that it’s important for a coach to learn as much as he can about an athlete and as a person in order to better develop a plan for success. He has now coached over 400 athletes and still learns something new from each one. If you would like more information about how Hunter can create a training plan designed specifically for you, you can reach him through his website

Next time you’re on Zwift be sure to try Hunter’s Challenge or any other of our workouts that are designed to be fun but deliver results!

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