Tour of Innsbruck: Innsbruckring

Tour of Innsbruck: Innsbruckring

ON August 29, 2018 by Matt Noble

The Innsbruckring route is a racer’s playground. The flattest in the bunch, this one’s perfect for a recovery day. This post shares some tips on how best to tackle the route if you’re racing and going for the win. Along with some sightseeing knowledge.

We begin the ride in the main paddock by the Bus Station Terminal. Renowned architect, Zaha Hadid designed the glass overhang years ago. Her fluid and smooth style is a major inspiration for the art team at Zwift HQ.

We’ll ride under the finish line banner, and the vast Imperial Palace pops up on the right. The 3rd most important historic building in Austria is more than 500 years old, and housed lavish parties for local noblemen. A perfect setting for the 2018 UCI World Championships finish. Notice the Zwift restoration we did on top.

1.7 mi // 2.7 km down the road, you’ll hit a roundabout and go right. See that angular building with neon red glowing on top? That’s the Ramada Innsbruck Tirol Hotel, Zwiftified. After crossing the false flat bridge over the train yard, you’ll head towards the punchy climb.

For a multi-lap race, remember this spot as the place to burn some matches to attack and break free, or conserve and stay with the group.

With so much Baroque architecture, it’s easy to forget where you are. Two landmarks should help signal what’s coming. The Triumphal Arch (Triumphpforte), and the towering St. Anne’s column. Centuries old, we couldn’t stop ourselves from doing some renovation. Look closely!

After the bridge, the road quickly jumps to a 5-8% incline for 0.3 miles. Don’t stop until you pass the apex over the corner. The climb will prove to be THE turning point of each lap of racing. Stay on the gas for the short descent, as strong riders will use this section to open a gap. If punchy climbs aren’t your forte, you’ll want to plan your tactics around this.

2.5 miles to go. After another short, punchy climb, you’ll be on a straight road with the Zwift KOM sprint segment. Once past that, the cable car comes into view as you round the final corner, 1 mile from the finish line. If you’re ready to contest for the sprint, timing is everything. It’s easy to go too early with a long stretch to the finish. Use the surrounding landmarks to your advantage and take that W. Go when you know you can give it your all.

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KOM segments:

Innsbruck Sprint KOM the fastest is awarded the green jersey

Sprint Forward KOM

    – Heading towards the Cable Carts with the river on the right

  • Distance – 0.18 miles // 0.3 km
  • Elevation – 6.6 ft // 2 m
  • Avg grade – 0.7 %

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