Sunday, February 12th
3:45PM GMT
We are Invictus Social Ride Hosted by Invictus Games Foundation
Group Ride
Join our social ride led by members of the Invictus Games international community of serving military personnel and veterans who use cycling to recover from injury.

A sub-2.0 w/kg (Cat D) weekly group ride with the goal of keeping the group together. This event is open to any ability including those who use handcycles, recumbents, trikes, tandems and standard bikes.

Follow the ride leader's instructions and stay as close to the beacon as possible. If you're feeling strong, please use your abilities to help pull fellow riders back to the pack.

There will be inspirational chat and a fun, social atmosphere for your training. Please ask questions - about using sport for recovery, training, set-up and the experiences of our Invictus family.

It is not a race. Use the draft.

Late joiners allowed.

If you are a member of the WIS community and happy to let the group know, please write [*IGF*] after your name on your profile.
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