Sunday, March 19th
7:45PM GMT
PACK Run Hill Training: Alpe du Zwift
Group Ride
This event will start on the Road to Sky route and end just 3k up the Alpe climb. There will be a 5k lead in of 0%-1% until we reach the start of the segment and then runners will set their treadmills to 8.5%-9% (depending on TM limitations) and "run" an additional 3km. The average pace to begin will be 10kph, but at 8.5%, it will quickly drop to around 8kph. Each week, there will be an after party, where you can test your ability to get closer and closer to the top. Ultimately, we are preparing you to reach the top, but in order to do that you must transverse the Alpe - 12.2km (7.6 miles) long with over 1,000 meters of elevation gain (approx 3,400 feet) at an average gradient of 8.5%.

This may sound like a daunting task, but that's why we are here. We want to support you in your journey to the top.

If you'd like Zwift to record your elevation, you will either need a treadmill that connects directly to zwift, Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor by North Pole Engineering, or an app like Runcline.

Are you ready?

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