Sunday, March 10th
5:00AM GMT
Stage 3 | Zwift Games 2024 - Epic
This event has the following requirements:
category enforcement iconCategory Enforced.
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Welcome to Stage 3 of the inaugural Zwift Games! The Epic Stage is nothing short of epic. Get ready to take on a big loop with some solid elevation gain—all in the name of fun and competition.

Tackle all five stages one after the other for the ultimate Zwift stage race, or complete them on your schedule throughout the month.

You can also see how you stack up against the elites, who will take part in Championship events on the exact same courses. Check out the fan guide here: a new window

Categories A&B will take on a brand new Epic course that has been specially designed for the Zwift Games! The A/B race starts in downtown Watopia and ends at the KOM but takes in most of Watopia in between, including every punchy climb. At 81.6 km long with 878 m climbing, this epic parcours will be full of fun, challenges, and animated racing. For more details, see a new window

There will be two PowerUps available during the race—the Draft, collected at the Titan’s Grove KOM arch, and the Feather, collected at the Jungle lap arch. You’ll need to be selective about how you use these PowerUps throughout this long race.

Category A/B:
Dates: March 9–10
Makeup: 23, 24, 30, 31
World: Watopia
Route: Zwift Games Epic 2024
Laps: 1
Distance: 81.5 km
Elevation: 878 m

Categories C&D will take on a Watopia favorite, “Three Little Sisters.” The route takes on three major challenges—the Hilly, Titans Grove, and Volcano KOMs, with each new climb longer than the last. At 37.7 km long with 434 m of climbing, these three sisters are truly wicked! For more details, see a new window

On this course, you will be awarded one PowerUp only, the Feather, which will be at the top of the first climb—so make a plan to use it wisely!

Category C/D:
Dates: March 9–10
Makeup: 23, 24, 30, 31
World: Watopia
Route: Three Little Sisters
Laps: 1
Distance: 37.7 km
Elevation: 434 m

Zwift Games General Classification
Compete in all five races of the Zwift Games as a general classification (GC) challenge and shoot for your best combined time over the month! You can improve your time for any event by racing it more than once. Only your best time for each stage will count towards your overall standing.

Don’t forget, you can track your overall position in the Zwift Games week by week here: a new window

Category enforcement will place you in a race category with riders of similar ability for these events. Find more info about category enforcement below.

One Stage: Adidas Tempo 3-Stripes BOA Cycling Shoes
Two Stages: Oakley Sphaera Glasses
Three Stages: Zwift Games Kit
Four Stages: Zwift Games Gloves and Socks
All five Stages: Zwift Games Gold Cap

Category enforcement prevents Zwifters from entering a category for which they are not eligible. Our goal is to increase fairness in racing. Find more information about it here.

Zwift checks a racer's past performance using VO2max, MAP value, and FTP to determine their race category. Racers can join a category at or above their category. For example, if you are in the "C" category, you can race in the C, B, or A category. But you can’t race in the D category.

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Please note: For your results to show up in ZwiftPower, you must use a heart rate monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, a smart bike, or be using a power meter.

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